05 March 2023

Ball is hiring mechanical engineer!


Front End Production associate is member of shift operation team and is responsible for smooth operation and maintenance of Bodymakers, trimmers, Cuppers and other front end Equipment in can making line. He will work safely and produce quality product in the front End. He will strive hard to achieve area KPI’s through active participation and teamwork and will work actively in improvement activities, TPM, 5’s activities in the area. He will play key role in size changeovers and achieve best in class changeover time in the front end.


•             Responsible of Operation of Front end equipment. He will ensure the front end Machines are utilized and operated to their optimum speed and efficiency.

•             Conducts Safety checks in Cuppers and Bodymakers within first two hours of start of shift and logs down findings and corrective actions.

•             Conducts Operation / Maintenance checks in the front-end and takes corrective actions on time. If any support is needed, he will discuss with area leader and completes the corrective actions. Update machine log books, Note down the corrective action taken in the shift.

•             Ensure the cans produced in front end meet all quality specification. Does the Quality checks takes corrective actions on time for any deviation. Responsible for CCP- Sliver in Trimmers. Follows proper procedure / measures in his shift to control the CCP.

•             Maintains Front End area and Equipment in accordance with housekeeping and hygiene standard. Maintains Housekeeping during shift hours and handovers the shift with good housekeeping.

•             Responsible for front end area spoilage target. Addresses the spoilage concerns (tipped cans / Jams / frequent start-stop) and take swift action to get the abnormal condition back on track.

•             Responsible for tool usage in bodymakers. Polishes / crosshatches bodymaker tooling as per schedule.

•             Responsible for short can rate in bodymakers. Checks the process parameters (Cup quality, Cup lube level, Tramp oil level, coolant concentration, Coolant temperature) are within specification.

•             Executes coil changes. Cleans die set / cupper and maintains on periodical basis.

•             Utilize the opportunities (Standby time, lable change time or any other natural downtime) and does Corrective maintenance activity in Bodymakers and cuppers (such as filter change, Stripper change and seal changes) as planned / requested by team leader.

•             Safety: Near miss reporting. Participates in Behavior based safety (BBS). Attends all safety trainings. Follows department and plant safe practices. Uses proper tools in his work and maintains / stores them safely.

•             Works closely with engineering team and supports the Maintenance and up-keeping of front end equipment.

•             Understand solid waste management system. Ensure all the waste generated in the area are segregated / handles and disposed-off according to the system.

•             Beginning of shift take the handover from the outgoing shift team member, understand the issues in the area, actions taken. Discuss with team leader and plan for the day. Ensure to receive the area with proper housekeeping, all scrap bin cleared and scrap is counted.

•             Actively participate in companies Continuous Improvement initiatives e.g. Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, SMED, 5S, ISO, etc. Conduct lean manufacturing activities and participate in audits as per company requirements. Attend area team meetings on periodical basis. Drives area improvement agenda based on meeting outcomes.

•             Gain Knowledge and experience in Bodymaker and trimmer periodic maintenance. Support engineering resources for periodic maintenance. Gain Knowledge and experience in audit and alignment of Bodymakers. Support engineering resources for periodic maintenance.

•             Work closely with engineering resources for changeover activities. Gain knowledge and experience in die set change / Bodymaker changeover, trimmer changeovers.

•             Responsible for hydraulic oil consumption in the front end in his shift. Changes ram seals / pushrod seals as requested by team leader.

•             Responsible for corrective Maintenance on front end during his shift, Repair / maintain the equipment and get back in operation with least possible downtime as requested by team leader.

•             Gives input for consumables, machine spares and tools consumption to team leader and help achieve maintenance spending target.

•             Follows and maintain organization’s SOPs and safe working practices. Comply with any legal, environmental and safety, BRC requirements and/or checks.

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•             Diploma in Mechanical engineering (8)

•             Diploma in Toolroom technology (8)


Diploma in Mechanical engineering (8)

•             3 Years Operation / maintenance experience in manufacturing background in a high speed, high volume continuous process plant with hydraulic and Mechanical presses. Example automotive ancillary producing body parts.

•             Hands on experience in maintenance / alignment / set up / trouble shooting of Gearboxes, Complex assemblies, Hydraulic Circuits, Heavy duty mechanical power press and similar imported Equipment using specialized tools and tackles.

•             Experience in machine shop, lathe, Milling, surface Grinding.

Diploma in Toolroom technology (8)

•             3 to 4 Years Tool and Die making / Millwright experience in an automobile ancillary / die manufacturing.

•             Experience in CNC Machine programming, CNC Grinding machines.

•             Successful track record in mechanical tool room work and mechanical maintenance.


•             Must be able to work shifts and able to work extended hours on occasions when required.

•             Computer literacy and the ability to generate reports. Ability to read, understand and develop engineering drawings.

•             Analytical skills to interpret numerical data.

•             Working knowledge of Health and Safety work practises.



Local languages.

KRA / KPI OF THE ROLE (measurable responsibilities)

Key Result Areas

Safety checks completion %

Front end OEE.

Quality Checks completion rate.

Quality OOS.

Short Can rate

Daily Maintenance compliance rate

Hydraulic oil consumption

Changeover time

Housekeeping %

Equipment Downtime percentage.


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