28 January 2023

ADITYA BIRLA hiring Mechanical Maintenance PROFESSIONALS


Aditya Birla Jobs
Aditya Birla Jobs

Updated: January 27, 2023
Location: Gujarat, India
Organization: Metals

Job Description:
  • Ensure proper charging of copper cathodes in the shaft furnace
  • Prevention/ contamination of copper by close monitoring of shaft furnace burners & taphole area
  • Maintaining the LPG and air mixture ratio, pressure, and temperature
  • Maintaining the level in the shaft furnace and holding furnace
  • Maintaining gas and air ratio in the launders
  • Sampling of molten copper at different stages
  • Firing rate maintenance in the furnace

    • Maintaining temperature of the furnace refractory.
    • Removal of slag
    • Maintaining the equipment’s in operating condition
    • Inspection of cathode quality.
  • Changing of shaft furnace filter, holding furnace filter


Minimum Experience Level:
2-5 Years

Report to:

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